The Northshore Home Builders Association was created in 2015 by the merger of the former St. Tammany Home Builders Association and the former Tangipahoa Home Builders Association. These two organizations were chartered in 1977 and 1979 respectively, and together now form the third largest HBA in Louisiana with 800+ members. A third of these members are builders. The remaining two thirds are professionals directly connected with the home building industry, such as trade contractors, suppliers, mortgage lenders, and realtors. The NHBA mission is to support legislative, economic and educational initiatives that promote and protect the American dream of homeownership.

The NHBA offers educational seminars for its members in areas such as consumer preferences, marketing, finance, and industry regulations and legislation. They also participate in the community sponsoring charity events and making donations to local charities and organizations. The NHBA works closely with LHBA, NAHB, and governmental agencies to improve the political climate for the home building industry, promoting policies that provide opportunities for all Americans to have safe, decent and affordable housing.

The Northshore HBA is a non-profit organization not associated with any governmental organization. Our service area includes all of St. Tammany Parish, Tangipahoa Parish and Washington Parish. The association employs a professional staff that provides day-to-day management of the association.

What do we do?

Parade of Homes: For over 40 years, during May, some of the premier builders on the Northshore showcase their talents in the Northshore Home Builders Association Parade of Homes.

The Parade of Homes is a free, public event where you have the opportunity to view beautiful homes that feature the latest innovations and designs in new home construction. To help you navigate the Parade of Homes, a free magazine is produced that describes each home and features a map to help you visit homes in some of the area’s hottest neighborhoods.

If you are looking for a new home, considering have a custom home built or looking for ideas to update your current home, the Northshore Parade of Homes offers you an excellent opportunity to look at beautiful homes and talk with their builders and designers. 

Raffle the Roof for Charity Foundation: The Northshore Home Builders Association stands as one of the largest contributors to charity in the entire parish. Their largest annual project is the Raising the Roof for Charity Foundation Home.

Each year, HBA members pool their time, talents and energy to design and build a home of exceptional quality to benefit deserving local charities. This beautiful home is then raffled off to one lucky winner. Thanks to the support of the public and the HBA members, since 1994, we have been able to donate over $5 million to local charities.

The main promotion and raffle drawing is held in conjunction with the Parade of Homes each year. While visiting the beautiful homes on display during the Parade, you have the opportunity to view the Raffle House and purchase your raffle ticket. Visit raisingtherooffoundation.org for more info.

Industry Advocacy: The NHBA closely monitors legislation on the local, state and national levels as it relates to the home building industry. Working hand-in-hand with the LHBA and the NAHB as your watch dog and advocate ensuring fair and accurate laws.


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